Charlie Kufs in 1953

Since I watched my first science-fiction movie in the 1950s, I knew I was going to grow up to be a scientist. I loved biology in high school but knew I didn’t have the mindset of a biologist. A few years later, in fact, I became a vegetarian. I started in college as a chemistry major and might still be there (trying to pass physical chemistry, that is) had I not on a dare took Geology 101. (I was working for the college at the time so tuition was free.) One semester of Rocks for Jocks and I was hooked…

We all have heard about UFOs, what the U.S. government now calls UAPs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. They are mentioned in the news, in books, in movies, on tv, on radio talk shows, and in classified government reports. You may even have seen one yourself.

UFOs are not a recent phenomenon. There are UFO reports from the First Century, from Medieval times, and maybe even from the Bible. UFOs appear in Renaissance paintings. But those reports are translations and interpretations of ancient texts. Those witnesses aren’t around anymore.

What about UFO sightings over the last 100 years? Recordkeeping wasn’t always flawless…

I gave up on publications even before they fired all the editors.

Here's the search engine I wish Mediun had so we could find articles that Medium never recommends.

Let readers find their own articles to read instead of telling us what you think we'll like.

I wonder how length influences how long a reader continues reading an article or gives up. Does that influence if a view is recorded as a read? And how are length, views, and reads factored into earnings?

Writing for Medium is like playing a football game where the rules are changed every quarter, some rules are not disclosed but enforced anyway, and only certain people on the team ever get the ball.

IMO. there are two problems with linking gun control to mental health. First, diagnoses of mental health are not always clear cut. It's not like a blood test. You'll very often be able to find two mental-health professionals who have different opinions about a patient. It happens all the time in murder trials. Second, mental health isn't a constant. It can change with age, experiences, and circumstances. Watch any true-crime TV shows, like Fear Thy Neighbor. Some nice, normal person gets pushed beyond a breaking point, and suddenly grabs his gun and murders his neighbor. …

According to the Myers-Briggs organization who conducted an official random sample in 1998, Introverts are 50.7% and Extroverts are 49.3% of the US population. Males are 54.1% Introverts and 45.9% Extroverts.. Females are 47.5% Introverts and 52.5% Extroverts. Source: Myers, I. B., McCaulley, M. H., Quenk, N. L., & Hammer, A. L. (1998). MBTI Manual: A guide to the development and use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (3rd ed.). Palo Alto, CA: Consulting Psychologists Press. The reason for the confusion is explained at

I also do both.

I've had two Wordpress blogs for over a decade at and One is for my introductory-but-technical statistics articles and the other is for exerything else.

I joined Medium a little over a year ago because I thought I might have access to a wider audience and the platform would do more promotion than Wordpress.

I've found a couple of things. Thw Wordpress editor (the software where you enter your story) is far more capable, and hence, complicated, than the Medium editor. I use a lot of graphics and have found the Medium editor to…

Here's my take on Constitutional Amendments.

I found that most people seem to favor Amendments that would limit the gaming politicians do in running the government, things like term limits, campaign finance reform, SCOTUS reorganization, corporate personhood, and fixing House representation.

i have several responses. If I agree with the article's point and it's well written, i'll give it 50 claps. If the author writes more than one of these articles, i'll follow them. If I agree with the article's point but there are things I don't like about the article, like research or writing, it gets 10 claps. If I read the whole article but don't connect with it, it gets 1 clap. If I can't make it through the article, it gets 0 claps. If I really disagree with the article's point, I may mute the author if I…

Charlie Kufs

I’ve analyzed data for over 40 years, written a book and over 150 blogs, been a trainer/public speaker, and was a PG and SSGB. Now retired, I worship cats.

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